Here at Paws and Claws Animal Hospital, we are proud to offer laser surgery. Laser surgery uses a beam of a certain wavelength of light to cut tissue instead of using a scalpel blade. Because our surgeons are highly skilled, they can control the amount of light used, which gives them extreme surgical precision. There are many benefits to laser surgery; patients suffer from less pain after surgery, there is less bleeding during surgery because the blood vessels are cauterized, which means fewer complications; there is less pain because the laser seals the nerve endings as it cuts, decreasing the pain impulses; there is less infection because the laser beam heats up the tissues and destroys any bacteria that may be present. We can use a laser during almost any soft-tissue surgery that we perform; including spays and neuters, tumor removals, eyelid surgeries, etc. If you want to learn more about laser surgery, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (604) 539-7297.