Even though healthy teeth and gums are so important, dental disease is one of the most overlooked issues in pet health. Infections that begin in the mouth can travel through the bloodstream and if left untreated they can cause many problems including heart, liver, and kidney disease. Dental disease is very prevalent with estimates that over 70 – 80 % of our dogs and cats over 3 years of age have some degree of this. Even though pets are generally well taken care of many owners are unaware of the problem; they often do not look in their pet’s mouth, especially in the back of the mouth where many dental issues hide! Also, pets are very good at hiding pain (especially cats) and rarely show signs of mouth discomfort. During your pet’s wellness exam your veterinarian will examine your pet’s mouth for dental disease. A professional dental cleaning under anesthesia may be recommended. We use ultrasonic scaling to remove tartar and plaque. We also perform dental X-rays to look for tooth or bone decay that may be taking place beneath the gum line. Good oral hygiene should be maintained through routine home care. We provide education in this area and have a variety of products to help delay dental disease after a professional cleaning.